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Make the preferred choice and choose Richard J. Tomeny Jr. Attorney at Law of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, as your business attorney. With more than 20 years of business litigation experience, Mr. Tomeny understands the business risk and uncertainty of having business disputes decided by a judge or jury. In certain instances, litigation is necessary or unavoidable. In those instances, Mr. Tomeny aggressively represents your interest while understanding that the goal is not to maximize billable hours, but to achieve your desired result.

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Commercial Litigation

Mr. Tomeny believes that clients measure an attorney’s success not in time spent but in the value of the results attained. Likewise, the fee charged by the lawyer should reflect the value delivered to the client based upon the results attained. Because of this philosophy, Mr. Tomeny puts experience to work by providing clients with an early case analysis. This analysis includes review of facts, legal issues presented, risk assessment, value assessment based upon the claim in dispute, estimated costs to litigate the claims, and likelihood of recovery.

The case is also reviewed to determine if litigation could be avoided by implementing less costly alternative methods such as arbitration or mediation to resolve the issues. Then, Mr. Tomeny and his team develop a litigation plan and strategy designed with the goal of a prompt and satisfactory conclusion for a reasonable cost. Even after litigation has been initiated, Mr. Tomeny continues to pursue all avenues to achieve prompt and cost-effective results through creative settlement techniques.

Additionally, Mr. Tomeny works with clients to make business-appropriate litigation decisions regarding the expenditure of costs for discovery, depositions, and experts. Winning the case in court is always important, but the goal in litigation is to achieve a good result for the client, one that adds value to his or her business.

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